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Do Parliamentary quotas influence legislation? Lessons from France

With the Coalition’s ‘woman problem’, representation of women in Australia’s Parliament has been at the forefront. While Labor has a self-imposed gender quota (see page 6) that means women are at near-parity in Parliamentary representation at 46.3 per cent, the Liberals are at 22.9 per cent (percentages calculated in January 2019). With an overall female representation in Parliament of 33.2 per cent, here’s the question: does representation matter? One way to answer this is to look to countries which have a quota system, to identify any changes to policymaking. In today's analysis, Quentin Lippmann of the Paris School of Economics provides evidence from France. This summary draws on Quentin’s presentation at the Australian Gender Economics Workshop in February of this year; his full presentation notes can be found here.   

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Representation

In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th, the Wiley Network spoke with Associate Professor Helen Dickinson (UNSW Canberra's Public Service Research Group) and Professor Janine O'Flynn (University of Melbourne's School of Government) about their experiences as a successful women in academia and how societies and associations can help to improve gender parity in research fields. This podcast was originally published on the Wiley Network.

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