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How to measure collaborative research excellence? Coming to grips with the National Innovation and Science Agenda

A key tenet of the Australian Government's National Innovation and Science Agenda is that public research funding should be awarded based on industry collaboration. A/Prof Michael Charles of Southern Cross University and our new Policy Whisperer Prof Robyn Keast ask: how can collaborative research excellence can be measured across a variety of very different disciplines? And if it can be measured appropriately, how can academic culture both within universities and at the grant-awarding level be changed to facilitate this transition?

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Collaboration Lessons from the Tour De France

What does cycling have to do with collaboration? A lot, it turns out. Today's contribution comes from Professor Robyn Keast is the  Chair of Collaborative Research Network Policy and Planning for Regional Sustainability, and located at the Southern Cross University. Dr Brent Moyle works in Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change,  Griffith University.

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