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The Renter's Journey: a new report from the Consumer Policy Research Centre

A new research report from the Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) - The Renter's Journey - follows the common and differing rental experiences of the rental market of four key segments (young singles, women over 55, low income families, and migrant families) and makes recommendations to policymakers for change. The report will be launched in Melbourne on 25 February 2019.

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What’s in a name? Is ‘looking after myself’ the same as ‘self-management’?

Policy makers and service providers are looking to self-management, particularly of chronic illness, to maximise limited health resources. Despite increasing use of the term “self-management”, however, this terminology does not appear to resonate with consumers. Meg Polacsek, PhD candidate, considers whether policymakers should be using the same language as those who are affected most by their decisions.


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Asking the experts: Using the lived experience of older adults with depression to inform policy and practice

Older adults are highly motivated to participate in research and rate depression as a priority research topic. So why aren’t we involving them more in research and policy development? Meg Polacsek, PhD Candidate, Victoria University, considers the importance of engaging with these members of our community.

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