A Cooperative-led NDIS? The potential of member-run organisatations

Gillian McFee, from the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals writes about a quiet yet noticeable revolution shaping the NDIS landscape, which may increase choice and control for NDIS participants, their families and carers. It it the rise of the member-run organisations such as co-operatives. Repost from Disability Services Consulting.

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Bright spots at the interface of science, policy and practice: the case (and need) for optimism

Achieving tangible impacts on policy and practice is not easy. But it’s made even harder by starting with a pessimistic outlook. Much of the academic discourse around the interface of science, policy, and practice has become dominated by negative language such as the science-policy “gap”, or “challenges” and “barriers” that must be overcome. Chris Cvitanovic makes the case for a shift in the academic study of science-policy-practice interfaces towards the documentation and discussion of “bright spots” – those instances where science has successfully influenced policy and/or practice. Doing so will help to establish a new mantra of optimism, one that inspires hope and empowers scientists and decision-makers to continue to strive for new ways of working together and having an impact.

This post was originally published here at the LSE Impact blog.

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Free Deakin public lecture this Wed 14 Dec: Shape-shifting violence through land-based retellings: Indigenous responses to colonial gender-based violence

This Wednesday, 14 December from 5:30-7:30pm, Deakin University will be holding a free public lecture from Associate Professor Sandrina de Finney (University of Victoria, Canada), as part of the program for the Alfred Deakin Institute's 2018 flagship conference, 'Youth Futures: Connection and Mobility in the Asia-Pacific'.

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