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Single mothers and the abattoir: A short review of Job Active positions in Shepparton

Gender segregated work and women's rights: A history of Aboriginal oppression (part 2)

Gender segregated work and women’s rights: A history of Aboriginal oppression (part 1)

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We need to address questions of gender in assisted dying

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Advocacy and changemaking: Reflections from the Women's Policy Forum

Parents Vexed? ParentsNext is poorly designed to support mothers into work

Hitting a brick wall: How Welfare to Work could support single mothers (but doesn't)

Precarious work and the health cost to women

Productivity and pressure: Social services get an unhealthy squeeze

Women leaving prison and the impacts of debt

The national tragedy of female incarceration

Indigenous women: Rethinking economic security

Income management and Indigenous women

Out of the shadows: What's next in transforming the Victorian family violence sector?

7 Questions: Why doesn't child support add up?

Making the most of diversity lessons from March for Science Australia

Always on edge: The dangers to female couch surfers and their children

Higher child support doesn't lead to welfare dependency for single mums

When volunteering isn't valued: Welfare to Work and mutual obligation requirements

Single parent support and the feminisation of poverty

Can dads be flexible too? Gendered risks and gendered opportunities to reduce work-family conflict

New Zealand's child support reforms - an opportunity lost

Cuts to Australia's aid budget impacts women


Weighing the cost of welfare to work implementation

A tournament of endurance: Does equal pay mean equal time?

Time to rethink the time policy in Welfare to Work

Networking for Change: The role of the national women's alliances in the women's movement

Intersectionality: Tackling privilege, colonisation, oppression, and the elimination of violence against all women

Australia, ageing, and gendered disadvantage

Working Across Boundaries: How insights from feminist thinking can make us better at collaboration

Micro-Aggressions and the Welfare Card

Why Australian Women over 55 aren't exactly enjoying the time of their lives

Aboriginal Women: We have voice, don't speak for us

Should we be locking people up in prisons at all?

Action and Inaction on Policy that Benfits Women

Supporting carers: political discourse limits women's options at every turn

Women and Prison

The deadly consequences of a gender-blind approach to heart disease

Women, ageism and elder abuse

Asbestos, Mesothelioma, and the predictive model 'gender gap'

Women at risk during disasters due to poor understanding of gendered differences

The gender pay gap exists due to an incorrect framing of the problem

Bold leadership needed for transformational change

Why the Women's Budget Statement needs to be reintroduced

An "incident" approach to family violence fails both victims and perpetrators

Promoting girls' and women's participation in STEM education and careers

Workplace policies must change to reflect 21st century realities

Women experiencing domestic violence need expert first contact

Playing the woman's card in the US presidential elections

The cost of gender inequality and family violence

It's a matter of trust: The policies we need to restore our faith in politics

The preferably unheard - Women and the Income Support System

Women receive half the level of support through superannuation than their male counterparts