Robyn Keast has a long standing involvement in social policy, both as a practitioner and academic.  Although holding a diverse research and publishing portfolio, she is best known for her work on networked arrangements and collaborative practice, with more than 100 publications on this topic as well asa growing collection of artefacts such as Fact Sheets, collaboration decision support tools and blogs. 

 For the past decade or so her work has focused on the development and management of research collaborations, including the Collaborative Research Network: Policy and Planning for Regional Sustainability, the Airport Metropolis Project and the Australian Asset Management Collaborative as well as joint government/academic projects.  Together these experiences have highlighted the importance and challenges of transdisciplinary collaborative practice.

 Currently semi-retired, Robyn is using her newly freed-up time and energy to re-visit some of the pesky problems that evaded her earlier efforts as well as pursue new areas of interest, including transdisciplinary research models and implementation, research impact, network ecologies and designing shoes.  


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