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Social justice, social enterprise and the market: Challenge or opportunity?

Dr John Butcher (ANZSOG Adjunct Research Fellow) recently addressed the Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Research Conference. His presentation offered expert reflections on the practical challenges of cross sector collaboration, and outlined the contribution of his recent open access ANZSOG/ANU Press book The Three Sector Solution: Delivering public policy in collaboration with not-for-profits and business

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As simple as “three words”? Why caution is needed with a ‘Pay for Success’ approach to ending homelessness.

Market-based solutions to complex social problems can appear tantalising in their simplicity. In this post Lanie Stockman, Outcomes and Evaluation Specialist at Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, questions how outcomes would be identified and measured if social services were funded based on ‘success’.

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Contracting for outcomes: simple KPIs not enough for complex problems

David Donaldson (@davidadonaldson) writes about new research that casts doubt on whether outcomes-based contracting solves a fundamental problem: unintended consequences. Listening to stakeholders, although no breakthrough, remains key. The systematic review of evidence on outcome-based contracting was conducted by Emma Tomkinson and published in ANZSOG's Evidence Base journal.

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