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The evaluation theory tree

I have been working in the field of evaluation for the past eight years and I think what I have learnt most about evaluation in this time is that it is a crowded market. A lot of people are involved in the practice of evaluation. And while I have never conducted a scientific study, I have found it truly shocking how many practising evaluators know little to nothing about evaluation theory. Or know a lot about applied research methods and consider this an acceptable substitute for knowledge about evaluation.

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"it's like being caught in a whirlpool" participant musing on creating change, from the 2014 Power to Persuade symposium

The 2014 Power to Persuade Symposium was held in Melbourne on the 16th of September.  One of our afternoon sessions, ‘Practical Strategies for Implementation’ focussed on a participatory workshop process, where the symposium attendees were asked to reflect on their work. This article summarises the key themes that arose from this workshop process.

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