Today seems like a good day to celebrate proud and deadly indigenous bloggers

Today feels like a good day to highlight the range of amazing Indigenous people out there doing great things in our community.

I figure if you are reading this, you like reading blogs. I like reading blogs too, so have compiled a list of links to other strong and proud Indigenous bloggers.

Get a cup of coffee or tea. Flex your mouse and keyboard muscles, and get following.

Happy internet surfing!


Deadly Bloggers

The first and only directory of Indigenous bloggers, covers a range of blogs from arts, to business, to technology, and everything in between.

NCIE blog

The blog for the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence - in Redfern.

Indigenous Peoples Worldwide

Not an Australian site, but does cover Australian Indigenous issues as well as the issues experienced by Indiegnous communities across the world.

1 Deadly Nation

Written by activist Martin Hodgson. Covers politics and popular culture.

The Koori Woman

A koori woman talks about Aboriginal affairs, politics, black feminism, and Star Trek.


The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation. Not the best organised blog, but has lots of content! Sign up for email updates.

Benson Saulo

Currently seeking pre-selection as the Greens candidate in the seat of Batman.

First  Nations Australian Writers Network

Peak body for Indigenous writers, poets, and storytellers.

These are just a selection. There are heaps more you can find at the Deadly Bloggers directory. Today is a good day to go follow some smart and interesting Indigenous Australian thinkers.